Friday, October 14, 2011

The Truth About The Meaning of Dreams and Our Mental Health

The truth concerning the importance of dreams is still ignored by humanity. Only now that everyone is learning about my work continuing Carl Jung's research that this truth is becoming known.

I discovered how to put an end to all mental illnesses through dream translation because I recognized my own ignorance and lack of sensibility. I accepted and followed the wise guidance of the unconscious mind in my dreams. This was how I found sound mental health instead of becoming schizophrenic like my father. Then, I helped many people through dream therapy, since 1990.

Mental Health

Only after learning how to immediately translate the meaning of dreams and after curing many impossible cases, could I publish my work online, in 2007. I was then attacked by many people who refuted my research.

Most people believe that we are intelligent and balanced. However, this is a very big illusion. We are so far from sound mental health that the attempt to cure mental illnesses without the superior knowledge of the unconscious mind is predestined to fail.

This is why our world is ruled by terrorism, violence, immorality, hypocrisy and greed. This is why poverty and indifference to human pain mark our history with suffering and despair. This is also why nobody in our world cares about the truth. Everybody cares only about making money and living well, while ignoring the suffering of the biggest part of our population.

If you want to find sound mental you have to study the dream language. This is how you'll be able to understand the hidden messages of the unconscious mind in the dream images and follow its guidance. Only the wise unconscious mind can protect your mental health and help you evolve. Nobody else knows so well your life story and the content of your psyche. Nobody else can give you very clear advice, showing you what you have to do to find peace and happiness.

Human beings ignore so many truths that they are destroying our planet. All the wild animals and plants are disappearing.

On the other hand, a suicide happens each second in our world. Endless crimes eliminate the camouflage of global peace with their terror. You'll never find sound mental health living in a world where money is adored as if it was a god, and selfishness prevails.

There are too many monsters on Earth who are dominated by their anti-conscience; their evil and cruel animal nature. You may become another one of their numerous victims. You'll then explode of anger, completely losing your mind.

Schizophrenia is the result of the despair generated by terror. There are many hidden schizophrenics in our world. However, they possess important social positions and are very powerful because they have a lot of money. My father was one such example.

I was very lucky because I discovered Carl Jung's method of dream interpretation. I was even luckier because my own literary works helped me understand the meaning of dreams much better than Jung, who was not a poet like me.

You are very lucky too because I managed to transform Jung's complicated method into a fast method of instant translation that you'll easily learn. You'll be able to understand the wise unconscious messages in your own dreams, and find sound mental health that lasts forever. Then, you'll help the world with your wisdom.

The Truth About The Meaning of Dreams and Our Mental Health

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