Friday, September 16, 2011

Schizophrenia - physical, serious mental breakdown

Schizophrenia disease remains to be a concern. To say that someone is "schizophrenic", is usually characterized with a seriously crazy. Well, this is madness just a result of a physical abnormality in the body or brain. Yes, that schizophrenia is a physical illness, but the consequences are mental. It leads to a psychological breakdown that appear as "crazy" to other people. The nature of this disease remains too vague, and that medical science has yet to find out moreon it. The same with the causes of schizophrenia are not fully known. Studies have cited that the disease is genetic in nature.

And 'because of bad genes, they say, and it works in families. This is what is often said to mental illness. Some people tend to, it's in their genes, as mentioned. It triggers will follow later. Would increase their susceptibility to the disease until they develop it. They would then mentally ill. The condition ofmentally ill will be further exacerbated by the stigma of their disease. They are seen as "crazy." People will pretend to shame and resentment. Even disgust. These people are easy because their illness is misunderstood, discriminated against. What is itself recognized by mental health problems that are just like any other disease.

Mental Health

And a large number of patients were treated and are able to live a functional life. In this way the causes of schizophrenia are generallyphysical brain processes and procedures. Not much was still not known about, he said. But what about treatment? The drugs have been developed to correct the chemical imbalance in the brain. First, it has given clozapine. The schizophrenia drug clozapine is as effective as newer medications. But the problem with him is that the drug has many side effects. Are indeed heavy. Then there are also new drugs for the disease, such as risperidone andOlanzapine.

Effective as clozapine, but with fewer side effects. There are also other types of treatment such as ECT or electroconvulsive therapy. These treatments are designed to manage the disease and symptom control. As for symptoms, hallucinations and delusions may be. One obvious symptom of a schizophrenic is their megalomania. You have to think of an increased perception of themselves that they have a "cut above the rest" are. How "special" that they, Think that others are trying to do this is very essential for a schizophrenic paranoia and grandeur. These symptoms are those that eliminate the disease to focus on treatment, or at least control.

Medication and psychotherapy often go hand in hand in the treatment of schizophrenia. Adequate psychiatric care, family support and group therapy are often helpful for a faster recovery. So much is still not known about the causes of schizophrenia andDiagnosis and treatment. But when you hit a person, can lead to paralysis. Efforts should then be concentrated in the treatment of patients, and in many cases, they could not do it alone. The disease has robbed them and their reason. Help and why the concerns of intimate relationships and family, friends and authorities concerned are required.

Schizophrenia - physical, serious mental breakdown

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