Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Effects of Exercise and Your Mental Health

Exercise has been long known to create the feeling of well being when the natural release of endorphins occurs (endorphins are released by the brain). Besides feeling an increase in energy and sleeping better as a result of exercise, it also leads to feelings of happiness (a euphoria of a sort). In people who suffer from depression, poor sleeping habits and low energy are known to be experienced.

For those suffering anxiety, exercise can help lower blood pressure which is often elevated during periods of anxiety. Blood flow improvement is another benefit of exercise especially in the brain, and better muscle relaxation which often is 'tight' during moments of stress and anxiety, is another bonus to begin an exercise regimen.

Mental Health

Those suffering from depression, anxiety and stress have often feelings of low self-worth and low-self esteem. Exercise and fitness can help this perception for not only are you improving blood flow to the brain, heart and organs, your body image will become improved. Those who suffer from depression and anxiety as well are known to neglect this fact. Exercise is a natural, strong, confidence-building device that no prescribed medication can afford you.

Though exercise will not cure anxiety and depression, doing something natural which can be thoroughly enjoyable (especially if done in a health club where you can enroll with a friend or two) is definitely a plus for anyone, under any circumstance.

You may be taking anti-anxiety or anti-depression medication, and can feel that exercise is not what you need at the moment. Small moments of exercise a few days a week can help boost your mental health, your self-esteem and your confidence, as well as your energy level. Which, after this makes you feel happier, can lead to longer exercise periods once you've appreciated the benefits you reaped.

Once checked and approved by your health provider, you can begin your exercising to better mental health, doing exercises such as:

Taking a walk in the park or a beach

Dancing (not only great exercise but fun to do!)

Playing basketball or tennis


There are other exercises one can partake in, such as yoga and tai chi, as well as other low-impact exercises which still holds the same purpose. There is no set rule on how long or how hard you have to exercise: the only rule is finding a way to begin.

And to know it is actually for your good, in more ways than one.

The Effects of Exercise and Your Mental Health

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