Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mental Health - Utopia for Crazy Human Beings

Craziness begins with deceptions and suffering, but it basically originates in the anti-conscience, which is schizophrenic in nature.

Craziness is inherent in the anti¬-conscience and was formed through many deceptions, tragic events, and serious mistakes that could not be rectified.

Mental Health

Craziness is the absence of sensitivity, and the adoption of the absurd and false logic of selfishness, where justifications for several mistakes replace corrections. These rationalizations appear to transform what is wrong into something natural and is therefore allowed to exist.

There is far too much craziness in the human psyche. The bitter truth is that humans are crazier than they are balanced and sensible, since the biggest part of the psychic sphere belongs to the wild conscience (anti-conscience) that is evil, cruel and violent. The anti-conscience is a disaster, the result of the disorganized formation of the conscience that first appeared by chance. It originates from a chaotic condition and tends to return to chaos.

It is our primitive conscience and is still the same as it was at its formation because it has not evolved through the process of consciousness in the manner our conscience did.

On the other hand, even our human conscience is absurd because it is one-sided. It judges reality based on only one of four psychological functions that is predominant in the psyche and using another one that is only partially developed. The conscience is still very far from balance and wisdom...

In addition to the anti-conscience and the absurdity of the human conscience, there are several behavioral patterns in our learning mechanism that determine our actions based on the environmental stimuli. Our behavior is quite automatic and instinctive on many occasions.

Therefore, mental health is really a goal that the human being can only barely achieve.

Fortunately, the unconscious mind responsible for the functionalism of our organism sends us dreams containing symbolic messages. The unconscious is a perfect human conscience that could differentiate itself and live free from craziness.

The wise unconscious is a natural doctor that is always at your disposition in your psyche and sends you every day dreams with guidance and psychotherapy because you need help in order to be mentally healthy.

Mental Health - Utopia for Crazy Human Beings

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