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Mental Health and Mental Illnesses - The Behavior of a Schizophrenic

I just talked with the Brazilian friend who takes care of my father in Brazil. She is a very patient nurse. Her husband and son are very patient too. God was very generous for putting this family near my father, because my cross is already too heavy, since he is schizophrenic.

Last year I had to convince him to agree to an indispensable surgical operation. If Skype didn't exist, I would have had to pay a fortune in phone calls from Greece to Brazil!

Mental Health

He never simply agrees with anything...

He was always this way. His complications were so many that if we could forget the fact that he was crazy and he was always provoking suffering with all the problems he created around him, we could just laugh at his demands...

Everyone would notice that he was absurd at some point, but because he had money, a factory and a store, etc., nobody dared to insult him, especially his employees.

When I was a child the internet didn't exist and we had an old typewriter that made a lot of noise and had keys that were so stiff, you had to hit them in order to type something. So, we had no way to simply delete a word if we made a mistake. We didn't have Tippex (Liquid Paper) to erase any mistakes you make with ink on paper. If we made a mistake while typing an important document, we had to start typing it again...

Everything was so complicated then. I'm talking about 1970 for example, when I was 9 years old.

I remember my father's secretary typing and re-typing the same document many times, because she had forgotten an important word, and this important word would be the word "and" in a sentence, for example. Without this "and" everything was totally wrong.

You may think that most sentences can appear correct without an "and" in them, but my father would always pay attention to the most irrelevant details and create a very big problem out of them. In the end his secretary would have suicidal thoughts and everyone involved in the business relationship would regret very much agreeing to work with him.

His sellers were his biggest victims. I remember many discussions with one of them, who always used to say that my father was a "very difficult person"... The only reason that he continued to work for him was because my father used to pay everyone very well. This was his tactic: he would distribute money with generosity, so that everyone would simply agree with him...

And there was no way that things could be different, when he was younger and he had power.

Now he is very old, and he has even stopped causing problems in the clinic that he visits constantly, because he has a respiratory problem.

In the beginning he used to walk around in the nude there, no matter how many times everyone would explain to him that he needed to wear clothes, because he was not in a desert.

He is always suspicious of everyone, and there is no way you can convince him that something is good, if he thinks that it is bad.

The worst of all was his nerves when he was younger, and he used to become nervous very easily. Everyone was always afraid of him and his reactions.

Before telling him anything, everyone would practice first, trying to find the best way to present to him whatever they wanted, because he would always create an obstacle and make everything impossible to be done, or deny talking, without giving any explanation to anyone.

He would stay silent and never say a word, while everyone was waiting for his answer.

Then everyone would start looking at one another and communicate with their eyes, understanding that he would not cooperate: they were trying to handle an impossible creature.

Prevent all mental illnesses and care about keeping your mental health for life if you want to be safe and stay far from having absurd behavior. This is my serious advice, after many years of research and impossible cures that I had to carry on.

I had many reasons for looking for the cure of schizophrenia in my life, and my father's case was only the first one...

Write down your dreams and learn how to translate them with my dynamic method, so that you may start understanding the important lessons you receive everyday in the dream messages.

Your dreams are produced by the unconscious mind, which is wise, because it is much older than your human conscience, and it works like a natural doctor.

Follow the guidance of the unconscious mind in your dreams, and rest in peace: you'll certainly completely develop your intelligence, eliminating the wild and primitive side of your brain that tries to destroy your conscience through craziness, by transforming it into a positive part of your human conscience.

This is how you are going to prevent depression, worse craziness, suicidal thoughts, and terrorism. You'll be sure that you'll never lose your mental health, no matter what may happen to you.

And, you will have protection, since you'll see dreams with previsions and warnings, and this way avoid what is dangerous, besides being always balanced and self-confident.

Mental Health and Mental Illnesses - The Behavior of a Schizophrenic

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