Saturday, April 28, 2012

The point of health and How to Be wholesome

The definition to be "healthy" means:

"Possessing or enjoying good health or a sound and vigorous mentality: a healthy body; a healthy mind."

Good Mental Health

This definition sums all up. If we do not possess or enjoy good health and a vigorous mentality, we are losing out on the essence of life. health is our most prominent investment, our biggest asset, it's life or death. It's ironic how many habitancy take their health, their life for granted. They say they want to enjoy life to it's fullest, but yet they are destroying their own life themselves by their own lifestyles - drinking alcohol, eating unhealthy foods, being over-wight and taking designate medicine, or drugs. habitancy will say that they are "happy" the way they are living their lives (while drinking, being over-weight, taking drugs, and eating unhealthy), but how can they? A someone that is not healthy, is Not happy. You can have all the wealth and possessions to make you happy, but if you are unhealthy, they just won't enjoy them!! You won't have the energy, reasoning capacity, or appreciation for life to allow you to fully enjoy your lifestyle. By mentioning "mental capacity", I mean your mind won't be 100% free in your mind. Every someone with health issues worries to a safe bet degree in the back of their mind, no matter how small or large the health issue may be. Even alcoholics knows in the back of their minds that they probably shouldn't be drinking as much as they do. Now if they do something about the situation and act upon it is the prominent factor.

The point of health and How to Be wholesome

Every someone in the world will come over some kind of body issue. Not necessarily a life-threatening issue, maybe acne, or allergies. But all's how do we deal with even those issues. No body is perfect, no matter how exquisite some habitancy may think they are. You may flip straight through "Cosmo" or "Glamour" and see these literally thin models and wish to look like them. Do you know if they are healthy? No, all we see is the outside. You might look at "Sports Illustrated" and see models there and wish to have a "sexy" body like theirs, but do you know if they are healthy? No. It doesn't matter how good you look on the, curvey, thin, anyone your idea of looking "good" is, it is literally meaningless unless you are healthy on the inside!

Every unhealthy lifestyle choice that we make has an effect, whether now or in the future. In fact, most of the results of our daily unhealthy choices will literally surface in the future, even after we have made healthy changes. They are the consequences of our actions that we sometimes have to pay for. It all starts with a decision, and then literally doing what you set out to do. Of procedure it will be difficult and you will face temptations to go back to your unhealthy ways, and may even fail sometimes. But that is all part of success, you can't consequent unless you have failed before and know how to get back on track again. That is the attractiveness of success, learning from our mistakes. That is what being healthy is all about, learning about what we need to turn to allow ourselves enjoy life to it's fullest.

The point of health and How to Be wholesome

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