Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Psychology and Mental Health - Indifference and Craziness

Many people believe that indifference is something natural and perfectly normal. However, what is indifference? What does it really mean?

Indifference is apathy, lack of sensitivity, lack of connection to the objective reality; in other words: it is an abnormality.

Mental Health

This means that one's natural reaction should never be indifference to the stimuli of the environment.

If you are indifferent to what is happening around you, this means that you are not paying attention to reality, which is first of all very dangerous, because if you don't pay attention to what is happening around you, you cannot defend yourself in case you are in trouble, since you don't notice anything.

Indifference is a cruel reaction to someone else's pain. If you don't care about other people's suffering, you may even provoke it to them, without understanding what you are doing.

If you are indifferent to your family, friends and all the people you know, you live alone, without any real contact with anyone.

The worst however is that indifference to what is bad and painful for somebody else is pure craziness. It is the beginning of the domination of your wild conscience in the conscious field.

When you are indifferent to other people's pain you become cold and cruel because your primitive and violent conscience dominates your human side. Then you gradually lose contact with the objective reality, coming to the point of murdering someone or committing suicide. Suicide is a hidden form of murder, because whoever commits suicide kills the people that care for them.

When you are dominated by the wild anti-conscience that destroys the human side of your brain, you are not able to understand the meaning of your actions.

You must prevent craziness and despair before it is too late!

Indifference and craziness are synonyms, even though our society believes that indifference is a neutral attitude.

Everyone is responsible for what is bad if they let it happen, and everyone has the moral obligation to save others when they are dying.

Indifference to what is terrible cannot help but be an absurd reaction before great danger. If you are indifferent to this warning, this is reason for real alarm.

Psychology and Mental Health - Indifference and Craziness

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