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Omega 3 Health Benefits in Children

Omega 3 fatty acids have been known to provide a lot of health benefits for adults for many years (many heart conditions, mental problems and circulatory health problems can be cured or ameliorated by increasing the amount of omega 3s in one's diet). However, recent medical studies have shown the importance of providing your children with the proper amount of fatty acids. The human brain is made in large proportion of fats and many mental conditions are due to an improper balance of crucial fats.

These fatty acids are shown to greatly improve the children's brain activity and mental condition. A recent research has been conducted on two separate groups of small children, aged 9 to 12. The children in the first group had been given both omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids for a period of over half a year. After just 3 months, the scientists running the research had witnessed significant improvements in the first group of children's mental condition. Their attention levels, short term memory and reading skills have shown significant improvements, figures which were only to rise in the following months of the research.

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Scientists are only yet beginning to understand how these acids improve the brain's activity, but the benefits of these fats on people's mental condition have been witnessed since early as the 1950's. Children at those times were given supplements as a single dose of code liver oil and malt. Besides improving the child's brain functioning, the omega oils (which are polyunsaturated essential fatty acids) have the significant anti-inflammatory properties, protecting the child's bones, joints and muscular tonus.

Omega 3 Health Benefits in Children

Medics and nutritionists have been recommended increasing the amount of fish in or diets for many years now for the benefit of fish oil in protecting the human body against heart and mental problems. Including a weekly serving of fish can guarantee you that you will be avoiding many medical problems. Increasing the amount of fish in the child's diet is the more important, because by eating more fish as they are younger, the benefits these fatty acids have will be prolonged in time.

The most efficient way of ensuring your child's recommended dose of omega fats and vitamins is fish oil supplements, especially cod liver oil. Besides the essential fats, cod liver oil supplements also include Vitamin A and Vitamin D, as well as Vitamin E. However, be sure not to exceed the recommended supplement dosage, as the child may get vitamin overdose. The recommended daily dose of Omega 3 fats is about 400-500mg.

Omega 3 Health Benefits in Children

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