Friday, November 4, 2011

Ways to Stimulate Your Cat's Mental Health

There are many reasons keeping your cat indoors is a good idea. The dangers associated with roaming free are enough reason to make sure your kitty stays inside and protected from the great outdoors. Not only are moving vehicles a concern, your cat could encounter other animals carrying a disease or virus. Your cat could let curiosity get the best of him and end up in a compromising situation he cannot free himself. Keeping your cat indoors is a choice more and more people are opting for when it comes to their feline friends.

Although indoors is the safer solution for a cat, what about the kitty cat's physical and mental health while inside? Exercise and mental stimulation are both important factors to your cat's happiness. There are a variety of ways you can get your cat mentally stimulated and moving around so his well-being is not compromised.

Mental Health

Flash Light

Chasing a light is an easy and affordable way to get your cat moving. Simply grab your handy flashlight, bring your cat into a dark room, and move the light all around the wall and floor. This will get your feline moving and jumping while he is trying to 'grab' the light. This inexpensive game can keep your cat occupied for hours.

Under The Sheets

Grab a toy, a stick, or one of your cat's toys and move it around under a throw rug or your bedspread. Your cat will perk up immediately and try to attack the little varmet you are wiggling around. If you have a long pole/stick with a furry toy on the end, this works great because you can have the furry toy poke out a little to tease your cat and make him go absolutely nuts.

Hide n' Seek

Cats love to sneak up and attach prey and also love having to find their prey. You can bring out these instinctual qualities to get your cat moving and allow him to act out his natural tendencies. Once you get your kitty started with a chase game, he will understand what you are doing next time and it will be easier to engage him quickly. For beginner kitties, crouch behind your couch or doorway; as your unsuspecting cat comes around the corner, jump out and startle him. Use a gentle pounce so you don't scare him from playing again. Once he understands you are playing, run in the other direction and find another place to hide. Like a small child, your cat will get excited, anticipating your next move as he approaches towards you.

These are just a few ways you can give your cat some playtime and improve his mental stimulation. Once you try a few suggestions you will be coming up with some of your own creations. You will be amazed at what just thirty minutes a day of playtime can do for your pet!

Ways to Stimulate Your Cat's Mental Health

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