Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mental Health - Nervousness, Anger and Irritation

The psychology of our time does not consider anger, nervousness and irritation as signs of an abnormality in someone's behavior; however, each manifestation of nervousness and hate is absurd and reflects a lack of control, reasoning and sensitivity.

The human being cannot control one's behavior and one often becomes irritated with other people's mistakes when things are not as desired and when one is offended. One believes that his reaction is normal because it is a common reaction observed in all people and it can be logically justified.

Mental Health

However, logical explanations cannot explain why one has to become so nervous when things go wrong. It is simply assumed that this is logical behavior and it is justified by explaining why the person feels unjustly treated, not why they have this aggressive reaction when they are hurt by someone else. The automatic aggressive reaction that is triggered by attack is due to the existence of a wild and violent conscience in the psychic sphere that controls a person's behavior when one's ego is hurt for some reason. Otherwise, this violent reaction would not have occurred: one would simply become sad and not nervous.

One's nervous reaction is absurd because one should rationally understand what caused the pain without feeling hatred. One's sensitivity should be important in the psyche and it should be able to prevent violent reactions due to the sorrow one would feel for one's enemies if one were balanced and wise.

However, the human being needs psychotherapy to learn how to control one's behavior and eliminate the poisonous ego. If you simply decide to be calm, this will not work in practical life because this is not a question that depends only on your will, since the anti-conscience that is constantly bothering you and trying to invade and destroy your human side is inherent in you.

You need psychotherapy in order to transform it into a positive part of your psyche; else, it will always influence your behavior and provoke a nervous reaction. Depending on how intense this nervous reaction may be, it could even lead you to committing a crime without understanding how you could come to this point.

However, there is a solution for you!

Through the scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me, you can easily learn everything about your psychic world. You can also learn about all the necessary steps you must follow in order to become calm, wise, balanced, confident and happy!

Mental Health - Nervousness, Anger and Irritation

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