Friday, December 16, 2011

Insurance Coverage for Mental Health Issues

In 1996, the Mental Health Parity Act was passed in order to protect the proper insurance coverage for Americans with mental concerns. For many citizens who receive Social Security and associated medical coverage through their work, receiving equal coverage for their mental concerns was problematic. The public perception of mental health issues is not equal to the perceptions of other bodily diseases. This varied opinion has been expressed through insurance coverage that provides limited coverage for mental issues. The Mental Health Parity Act works to redress that situation.

Many Americans suffer from mental issues that require medical attention, doctors visits, and prescription medication just like any other health concern. It is crucial that, if you receive medical benefits through your company, that your complete health concerns are covered as well. The Mental Health Parity Act worked to ensure that an equal annual or lifetime limit of expense is extended to cover mental concerns as well as medical health issues. This also includes other retained rights that may be associated with a general medical expense.

Mental Health

Though there are a few exemptions included in this Act, its purpose is to ensure that insurance providers and companies that may control that insurance do not reduce the benefits to their employees or former employees based on the nature of their illness. Mental concerns can be as detrimental to the life and happiness of a patient as medical concerns. One important restriction included in this act is an exemption for mental health-related concerns regarding substance abuse or chemical dependency.

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Insurance Coverage for Mental Health Issues

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