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Mental Health - Understanding the Borderline Personality Disorder

The following article provides a comprehensive overview of borderline personality disorder. Borderline personality disorder has only been adopted as an official diagnosis in 1980 so that it is very recent addition to personality disorders.

Keep it close, Michael Douglas and Glenn in the movie Fatal Attraction? She played a woman with many features of borderline personality disorder. Another example is Winona Ryder as a young girl she played in Girl, Interrupted.

Mental Health

What isBorderline personality disorder (BPD)?

People who suffer from this disorder show impulsivity and instability in relationships, moods and self-image. Emotions can lead to errors and sudden movements, especially passionate idealization of anger contempt. It 'obvious that these people are emotionally unstable personality.

The symptoms of borderline personality disorder (BPD)

The borderline patients often appear to be argumentative, sarcastic,easily offended, irritable, and are usually difficult to live with or take. Their behavior is impulsive and unpredictable regularly. Habits, gambling, shopping, sexual activity and non-selective eating sprees are potentially harmful in itself can comprehend.

People are often manipulative, very sensitive to the way they are treated by others, who react strongly to criticism and above and or be offended. They often show a risk of self harm and suicidal thoughtsTrends.

Where did it come from?

BPD has a lot of environmental factors and psycho-social dynamics of families of patients. It turns out that this disease runs in families, suggesting that may have genetic components and to ensure that the traumatic events that happened during childhood correlated.

BPD usually begins in adulthood and is more common in women than in men.

Treatment Options

Drugas antidepressants, antipsychotics and mood stabilizers are treated regularly to co-existing symptoms of depression but the evidence for benefit is weak for BPD.

Therapeutic support in the form of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), interpersonal therapy and psychodynamic therapy studied and used. Working for a therapist with the borderline patient, it takes a lot of flexibility and strength of will to be projected with negative attributions.

FrequentlyPsychiatric hospitalization is necessary, or at least out-patient services.

Getting help

Dealing with BPD, or in your family is not something that can be managed on their own.

Note: If you suspect that you are trying to make a loved one with borderline personality disorder, external support and have them checked by a doctor.

Mental Health - Understanding the Borderline Personality Disorder

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